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The town of Bude is in North Cornwall.  It is quite near to the town of Stratton,  Years ago it used to be that Stratton was more important than Bude but nowadays Bude is more importamt than Stratton. Bude is a tourist place and a resort and is an interesting town.
It is also near Poughill and Flexbury.
The Cornish name for the town is Bud which is almost the same as the English name.
Efford Manor was the important place in Bude during the Middle Ages belonging to the Arundell family. There is a church in Poughhill village called St Olaf's.  What is known as Bude Castle is  very impressive and is used as an  heritage centre and it dates from not too far ago in the early 19 th century.
There is some fishing at Bude but the most important industry there is tourism. There  is at leastt one school in Bude. One nearby tourist attraction is the   village of Clovelly which is in Devon. Bude itself is really near Devon.
There are quite a few shops in Bude.
The Bude area has much  holiday cottage accommodation .  
There are quite a few shops in Bude.
Arthur Mills the novelist was born in Bude.

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