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Helston is a town in Cornwall. One of the he Cornish names for Helston is Hellys. The name comes from the Cornish  hen lis which means old court.   It is mentioned in the 11 th century Doomsday Book.
It is twinned with  Sasso Marconi in Italy.

The town is in  the Lizard Peninsular and is approximartely 9 miles from Falmouth so really near the bottom of Cornwall and not far from Lands End.
The charter given to Helston was given by King John over 800 years ago in 1201.

  Helston is famous for its Furry Dance which is also  known as  the Flora Dance. which may date from a long time ago back in mediaeval times. The dance may have originated from pre Christian days  to do with the passing of winter and  in the same day Hal an Tow  takes place which may refer to  Spring. Hal an Tow may date from as far back as the middle ages.
Tin used to be weighed in Helston to work out the dutty payable to the king.

Helston is also known for the Helston  Town Band which is famous.

St Michaels church is in Helston  and has a bell tower.
The Helstonn Folk Museum contains some references to Helstons past.

A street
A street

Grylls Monument
The  Grylls Monument
The museum

Coronation park lake
A  park
Coronation park lake