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Launceston is a town in Cornwall which is very near to Devon and so it has been a convenient spot to locate an administrative area where the purpose is to base the administration in the county of Cornwall but being nearer to the rest of England which was an important factor many years ago when transportation was so difficult. Perhaps this was one of the main reasons why Launceston used to be the capital of Cornwall.

Some people pronounce Launceston as it is spelt whereas some pronounce it like Lanson. The Cornish name is  Lannstefan. Lannstefan is Cornish for  Church of St Stephen.
The Saxon name for Launceston was Dunheved.  Launceston is a shopping centre .   It is the biggest place around for quite a  distance.  There used to be a monastery quite near at St Stephens.  
Launceston Castle is a very impressive castle and is in the town and dates from Norman times. Before the 13 th century AD  Launceston used to be the capital of the Earldom  of Cornwall.  Launceston has given its name to other places in the world including Australia.

The South Gate and part of the Town Wall still survive.   There was built an early sixteenth century church called the  church of St Mary Magdalene.  The  church tower  is from  some time from the 14 th century.

The church in Launceston looks very impressive.

An interesting point is that the famous actor Sir Roger Moore used to go to school at Launceston coillege.

Launceston is not too far from Okehampton and Holsworthy.  Two big places not too far away are Exeter and Plymouth both being in Devon.

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