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The town of Liskeard is a market town .  It is quite near to Plymouth  which is approximately  20 miles from Liskeard.
The saxons used to have what is known as a district called the Hundred and Liskeard used to be part of  the Hundred Of West Wivelshire.
Liskeard was  a Duchy Of Cornwall  Antiqua  maneria .
There are shops in the town and a lot of small businesses.  Liskeard is near to Bodmin Moor and not too far from very popular tourist destinations such  at Looe .and Polperro. There is a carnival held in June and  a July agricultural show,
In the town there is the Church of St Martin and Methodist chapels and a Roman Catholic Church. Like some other places in Cornwall there is  a Museum and a Tourist  Information Office. There was a school way back in 1550. The football club is called  Liskeard Athletic F.C.

The Cornish name for Liskeard is   Lyn Kerwyd    and the population of the town is over 8000. The Lis part of the town name refers to the fact  that it was an important  place of some sort  and a Norman castle was built.   The poet John Leland who died  in 1552  has recorded  visiting  it in 1538.   Not that much later in 1644 King Charles the first  stayed at the house at Stuart House.  There is a Guildhall with a clock tower.

In 1240 the brother of the King  who was the Earl Of Cornwall  had granted a charter.   In 1294 Liskeard had 2 members of parliament.