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Looe is a town in South Cornwall and is very popular with tourists and it is also a fishing  port.. It is also conveniently close to those who wish to also visit Polperro village which is near.   Years ago the Cornish spoke rthe Cornish language and the  Cornish name for Looe is  Logh. At the time of Sir Francis Drake at the time of Queen Elizabeth the First the Cornish  language was widely spoken so  as regards language it may have caused problems for people in Looe dealing with many of those in Plymouth.
It is a bit muddling because there is East Looe and West Looe. You are quite near here to the famous village of Polperro. Looe Island is near and it is also called  St Georges island.   It is thought that Looe  had people living there from approximately 1000 BC  which may be indicated for example by the  stone circle at bin down  which comes from the Cornish name for hill fort.

William the Conqueror of Norman times who defeated King Harold in 1066  had part of East Looe as his demesne and of course the  Doomsday Book had a reference to at least part of Looe.  In approxiumately 1170  AD  a charter was granted to  East Looe.  
Looe Island  was used by a monastic order   before 1150 AD  and they built a Chapel on it.  There was a Church in East Looe dedicated in  1259 by the Bishop Of Exteter. The Old Guild Hall  may date from approximately the early sixteenth century.
There was a bridge over Looe River by the early fifteenth century.  Looe became one of the largest ports in Cornwall and in the Calais siege in France in 1347  it provided approximately 20 ships and at that time the kings of England claimed substantial areas of France as belonging to the English kings.
As time went by there grew up much trade with Newfoundland in the Americas.  
Looe benefited from the Liskeard  and Looe Union Canal and the  mining of copper. East Looe Quay was built in 1856.
Being near to the city of Plymouth has been a great boost to its tourist business although  being near a city has its disadvantages as well as its advantages.

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