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Newquay is a town in Cornwall. It is one of the best known tourist locations in the whole of Cornwall and one of the best known to English people who live outside Cornwall who are often likely to have heard and know a little bit about Newquay even if they have not personally ever visited the town themself. This is  not just a seaside resort but is also a fishing port. It is approximately 12 miles from Truro and near to St Austell..
There are burial mounds which date back to pre historic times. A burial urn has been found containing the remains of a chieftain from the Bronze Age. A site has been discovered which may have dated from  approximately the 3 rd century to approximately the sixth century AD. A house called Treninnick Tavern was referrred to in  The Doomsday Book in approximately  the late eleventh century but surprisingly no mention is made of the village,  unlike  many other places in Cornwall. Thye village was called  Towan Blystra with the name Blystra meaning blown. In 1439 burgesses asked the Bishop of Exeter for building funds.
The arrival of trains in 1876 caused the town to grow in size. Churches were built.
Newquay has become known for its nightlife and stag and hen parties with some potential tourists being attracted by this nightlife.   Newquay has a zoo.  


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