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Redruth is a town in Cornwall.   The Cornish name is  Rhyd ruth. Surprisingly the name has nothing to do with the girls name Ruth but  the word  ruth bit comes from the meaning for red.  The  inhabited part was originally in what is now called Churchtown.
There are shops and a cinema in Redruth.
Redruth used to be  a market town and then  because of the mining industry some people in the Redruth area made a lot of money.
There is the Church of St Uny.  Murdoch House was a Chapel and was erected in approximately the middle of the seventeenth century and the Cornish American Connection now use it.
The   Tregellas   Tapestries show the history of Cornwall using embroidery.   There is a statue in bronze of a Cornish  miner  in Redruth and it was commissioned by  Redruth Public  Realm Working Party  Minjing Art Group.
Redruth is twinned with a place in France as well as with  in the United States Of America.  Charles  Thomas the historian was born in Redruth.  There is a museum in the Town Council Office .   There is a Redruth Rugby Football Club.  Redruth is near to the very popular St Ives and is not too far from Lands End.