Your Self Catering Stay 

The term self - catering accommodation is used to describe a venue that provides accommodation that will allow quests to prepare their own food. It is an alternative to hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation where the proprietor of the establishment has to see to the preparation and serving of food. From the proprietors point of view this means a lot less work and from the guests point of view their stay and meal taking will be more flexible. Usually the result is that by catering for their own meals the holiday will be more economical. In addition, self catering usually infers a greater responibilty resting with the visitor with regards to the cleaning of the accommodation, being that the premises will have to be left in a similar state to that found upon arrival. table laid out

Bringing your dog
Why choose a self-catering cottage in Cornwall?   The advantages  are numerous and rather obvious.  A combination of privacy, low cost, convenience and roominess.  A wide choice of types of accommodation  from character cottages such as old farm cottages to utilitarian style modern bungalows which are suited to those persons who prefer this type of accommodation generally or have a specific requirement such as inability to negotiate a staircase.
Indeed  some people book a holiday cottage through Southwest Holiday Cottages almost solely for the enjoyment of  the character cottage and the cottage's setting.  In this case the cottage becomes, to a large extent, the holiday itself.  In this repect it is importasnt to realise that a holiday house, albeit with much charm, will not always be able to offer you the familiarity and those little extra amenities and touches that your own house provides.
A lot of the self-catering cottages in our brochure and on this web site allow a dog, a large number of cornwall's beaches such as Bude also allowing a dog.  At the end of every cottage description it is mentioned whether a dog is welcome. The cottage description will say either 'No pets' or 'Dog welcome' or similar. Some of the holiday cottages allow more than one dog, in which case this will be mentioned.  With reference to cottages with a dog the cottage descriptions will usually say 'open garden' or 'enclosed garden'.  You will note that these are general descriptions and 'enclosed garden' does not necessarily mean dog proof- or dog proof for all types of dogs!
As a footnote to the above it is important to note that the holiday cottages where dogs and pets are welcome are often the first cottages to get booked.  If you are bringing a dog with you it may be best to just phone our office on (01752) 260711 and we can point you to the cottages that welcome dogs.  Having said this our vacancy drop down list mentions against each cottage whether a dog is welcome. Remember that on our site most dogs go free.

If you enjoy walking there are many walks available in Cornwall.

Self-catering cottages - how to choose which cottage
The choice of holiday cottage is based on individual preference.  However, holiday cottages can  generally be categorised as being in countryside and away from town/shop/restaurant amenities, or in a town or village setting where one can stroll from the cottage to the local country Inn etc for a meal.  The next level of choice in deciding your cottage accommodation is as to sleeping capacity.  Generally, holidaymakers no longer want a bed-settee and insist on having the requisite number of bedrooms for the size of the party.  Therefore, at 2 people per bedroom (2 single beds or a double bed per bedroom) holidaymakers will usually opt for a holiday cottage with 2 bedrooms if there are 4 people and a holiday cottage with 3 bedrooms if there are 6 people.  Outside of august you may find that the self catering cottages are a similar price for both the 2 and 3 bedroomed properties.  Enjoy a break with your pet in Bude, Fowey, Penzance or anywhere in Cornwall.

 What to bring?
The whole purpose of a self catering holiday cottage is that one can cater for oneself, at times of ones  own choosing, much as one would at ones own house.  Following on from this all cottages on our internet site and holiday brochure will usually meet the minimum requirements , dependent on the number of people the cottage sleeps, to cater for this purpose.  At the top of every cottage description it will say if bed linen is provided with the words LINEN INCLUSIVE  written across the top of the holiday cottages description.  If  this is not written up it means that you will have to bring your own bed linen (duvets/and or blankets and pillows are supplied by the holiday cottages owner). Originally holidaymakers booking a self catering holiday cottage in Cornwall will have expected to take a selection of pans/cutlery etc with them in case there was a shortfall when they turned up!  This should no longer be the case.

About Parking.
We have decided  to include  this little section on car parking because car parking  does seem to be of increasing concern to the holidaymaker.  If you come from an area where there are genuine concerns as to the safety of your vehicle, perhaps you have an expensive car, or are used to poor parking availability then our self-catering holiday cottages descriptions should give you adequate information. If, after reading the cottage description, you still have concerns, why not phone our office and speak to a member of staff  in our office who has visited the particular cottage and can therefore give you more detailed information. This may include how busy the road to the cottage is and any other information.

Changeover dates.
Usually the changeover date is Saturday.  Where this is not the case the different changeover date (i.e. a Friday or a Sunday) will be mentioned in the holiday cottage description- usually at the bottom of the cottages description in bold print.  In any case, you will usually be told of this at time of booking.  During the 'off season' holidaymakers can often book mid-week or for a weekend.

Electricity, Gas & Fuel.
All holiday cottages are usually amply heated with one or more of the following; central heating, portable electric heaters, storage heaters and open fires. Payment for gas and electric is usually by meter (reading or coin, increasingly Key Meter).

We hope all holidaymakers will enjoy their self catering holiday and will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to visit and enjoy the many attractions that Cornwall and Devon have to offer.