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Stratton is a delightful town  with old world charm and it may be thought of by some as a village  due to it's size.   Stratton is very near to the very popular town  resort of Bude. Stratton is in North Cornwall but only just into Cornwall as it is so near to Devon. It is an interesting village.  In 1643 a battle took place during the Civil War.
Stratton has a lot of history and goes back to  a long time ago. In 880 AD it was referred to in the Anglo Saxon  King Alfreds Will.
Strattons original similar  name was  Straetneat.  Stratton Manor was mentioned in the Doomsday Book in the  eleventh centurt AD.
The  church in Stratton is a Norman  Church from the 12 th Century AD  and has reference to St Andrew.
Stratton used to be considered an important place years ago when populations were much lower than they are now and that is why there was the Stratton Hundred. In Medieval times Stratton had a leather industry. There used to be markets and fairs held  in Stratton. There is beautiful countryside near the town.

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Church St Andrew's

Church       St Andrew's

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