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Cornwall is one of the counties of England and although not the largest, it does have a diverse landscape .There is a contrast between the many  beautiful areas of countryside  found outside the moors and the moorland itself. The moorlands themselves may be considered beautiful in their own way.
This site contains many pictures and there is an old saying that a picture speaks a thousand words.
There is a brief history of Cornwall on this site which deals with pre Roman times onwards and discusses the legend of King Arthur and the origins of Cornwall.
The county is steeped in History with many villages and towns being established a long time ago.
Many villages are mentioned with pictures but as mentioned above the pictures will help to convey the diverse beauty to be found in the county.

Tourism is very important to Cornwall and there is a lot of     holiday accommodation provided for holidaymakers such as holiday cottages and bed and breakfast and hotels and campsites.  Holiday homes are popular in  the county.

Holiday cottage  accommodation  is popular  throughout the county with the county being such a popular tourist destination not just for people from the United Kingdom but also for people from other countries.  

Bodmin . The town of Bodmin is near to the town of Wadebridge.   The town was years ago the county town but now the county town is Truro. 
Boscastle  . Boscastle is a well known village  in North Cornwall near to Crackington Haven and not far from Bude.
BudeThe tourist town of Bude is in  Cornwall and this town is interesting and is quite near to  Stratton and to the county of  Devon.There is  a lot of  holiday cottage accommodation in the Bude area  .
Charlestown  . Near to St Austell is the popular tourist village of Charlestown  which has been used for filming.
Common Moor . Common Moor and mentioning the Bronze Age.
Crackington Haven . The village of rackington Haven.
DownderryDownderry is in Cornwall but it is not too far from the city of Plymouth in Devon  and Plymouth is of course a famous city with lots of history including associations with  Sir Francis Drake and the Spanish Amada as well as its association with the  United States of America.
Falmouth Near to Falmouth is St Ives and Falmouth and St  Ives  are both popular tourist destinations.
Fowey .  Fowey town.
.   Near Lands End is the town of Helston. This  town is near the bottom of Cornwall and has a lot of history and was an important place years ago. 
Kilkhampton  . The village of Kilkhampton which is in North Cornwall is  near the well known town of Bude.  Bude is known to a large number of tourists but probably few have heard of Kilkhampton.
Lanivet The village of Lanivet   has a bit of history and is quite near to  St Austell. It has had a visit from the famous novelist Thomas Hardy.
Launceston The town of Launceston used to be the capital of Cornwall and has an impressive Castle as well as part of the town  wall and is close to the county of Devon.  It has different ways of pronouncing its name but the  Cornish name for the town is  Lannstefan.
Liskeard  . Liskeard is a town  which is near to some popular tourist destinations.   It is near to the city of Plymouth and it is near to Bodmin Moor.
Looe .  Looe is a town in South Cornwall.
Looe is  very popular with tourists and is near to the famous village of Polperro.      
Mawgan Porth  . The tiny hamlet of Mawgan Porth is in North Cornwall and quite near to the very popular tourist town of Newquay.        
Mevagissey  .  The very populay tourist village of Mevagissey. Mevagissey village has a harbour and is in an area  classified as" An Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty" and has an Aquarium  and a Tourist Information Office. The village is quite near to the town of St Austell as well as being not too far from the popular tourist town  of Newquay.It gets its name from the two Saints  St Meva  and St Issey  and the first mentioned record of  the village was  as long ago as in 1313 AD.    
MouseholeThe village of Mousehole  with its unusual name  is near Penzane and has quite a bit of history . It   has historical reference to the Cornish language.                 
Newquay The town of Newquay  is one of the most well known  places in Cornwall and the coming of the railway to Newquay helped to enable the  town to grow. The town is near to St Austell and has a zoo. It is of course known as a tourist town.          
Padstow .
The tourist town of Padstow is near St Austell and Bodmin and of course near Rock. It has a well known festival. There are quite a few pictures.
Penzance  . There is not much evidence of the Roman influence in Cornwall during the  Roman occupations of parts of the United Kingdom including the shortage  of written records although there is evidence of the Roman period in Cornwall including the discovery of  Roman coins.
There is quite a lot of history to do with the history of the town of Penzance  and evidence in Cornwall of the influence of the Romans during the days of the Roman Empuire. The town is quite near to St Ives.
The resort and small village of Perranporth in Cornwall near Newquay is a popular tourist destination and  there are quite a few pictures on this page. It is  not too far from the bottom of Cornwall.               
.  Polperro fishing and tourist village is very popular with tourists and is a big tourist attraction and being near Looe it means many tourists probably visit both locations on their holiday.  It is a village with an old history and is mentioned in the  11 th Century Doomsday Book from Norman times.          
Polzeath  .
The village resort  Polzeath near Padstow is also near  Bodmin Moor . It is approximately half way down into Cornwall and that area may be a good base for visiting different parts of Cornwall.
Porthtowan  .  
RedruthNear to St Ives and not too far from Lands End is the town of Redruth which is also near to the popular town of  Falmouth.
St Austell . This is the largest town in Cornwall even though it is not the County Town.
Seaton  . The village of Seaton is quite near to Downderry and not too far from the city of Plymouth.
St  Teath . In St Teath you are quite near  Bodmin Moor and some tourist places. St Teath is another Cornish place  name named after a Saint.        
Near the town of Bude is the town of Stratton which is in North Cornwall.        
Tintagel . The village oTintagel is not too far from the town of Bude and Bodmin Moor.      
Wadebridge .
The town of Wadebridge has a bit of history  and is where the Royal Agricultural Show is held.